Plugins and Extensions

Customise Your Web Site!

Make your website even more powerful with our low cost Plugins & Extensions, which will enhance your business.

Often for a low cost a Plugin or Extension can be added to your website that will help engage your website audience. We can add any function to your website, whether its a custom requirement, or one of the Open Source Plugins or Extensions we offer.

We cannot include here all the existing Plugin enhancements available, because in our Open Source System there is over 7,500 Plugins and Extensions possible! What this does mean for you is that anything you need, we can add at very low cost ...just ask us!

Just a few of the many more popular Plugins and Extensions available:

  • Responsive websites which display differently depending on whether viewed on PC's, tablets, or Smartphones so your customers can view your site whatever device they use.
  • Custom designed branded email newsletters which you can send to your customers to make special offers, and stay in touch to increase your sales.
  • A video gallery which allows you to display hundreds of videos in a gallery format so that your customers and prospects can learn more about you.
  • A Blog can be added a to your site which will allow you to add further information about your business on a daily basis, and can enhance your search engine rankings in Google.
  • Shopping carts It might be you don't need a full ecommerce site, but would like to sell a few products online. For a fraction of the cost of a normal e-commerce site we can add a simple cart.
  • Secondary domains We can set up additional multiple domains pointing to your website.
  • Photo gallery We can set up easy to use photo galleries, which you can update easily from your mobile phone as soon as you take a photo.
  • Calendar We can add a calendar to your site to show dates of events, courses or for holiday home bookings.
  • Social media We can add social media links to your site, or add Plugins which can show your Facebook, or twitter posts on your site as a direct feed.
  • Simple shopping cart without the expense of a full e-commerce site, we can add a variety of simple and inexpensive shopping carts, which will meet all your needs.
  • RSS feeds We can add RSS news feeds from a variety of sources such as the news, or Stockmarket prices to display on your website.
  • Google maps We can enable Google maps on your website so that your customers can find you more easily.
  • Pdf & file downloads Special Plugins which make it easy for your customers to download files of any kind can be added easily to your site.
  • Secure customer areas If you need special areas which you only wish your clients to access, we can deploy a client area to meet your precise needs.

We deliver e-commerce website design and development tailored to meet your requirements and budget.

  • Advanced Plugin technology on our CMS Sites give more functions at lower cost
  • We can offer advice and deploy over 7,500 Plugins, which can solve your online requirement to engage your customers better 
  • We offer Responsive site options that can display differently on your PC, tablets and Smartphones
  • Our CMS website systems can be updated easily so last longer
  • You own your site. its a one off purchase without recurring licensing fees

We create all kinds of e-commerce sites from totally custom programmed sites to fit particular needs to sites using leading open source platforms, such as OS Commerce and Magento. The advantages of modern open source systems is that your e-commerce website can be built "out of the box" quickly with many advanced features, and can be highly cost effective.

In all of the Open Source Systems that we use to deliver sites, additional features can be cost effectively added within a flexible framework. Because these sites are built upon a proven system there is a reduction in time to deliver the sites, and so the costs can be very affordable. Often e-commerce sites have very specific requirements, which make it necessary to custom program the entire site, instead of using open source software. Whatever your requirements, we can build any custom e-commerce application however complex. So whether it’s an Open Source project, or custom developed application, we are sure to be able to help you and give you unbiased and expert advice as to which system would be the most suitable for your business.




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