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A Landing Page is a web page that appears when a visitor clicks on a Pay per Click (PPC) advertisement, or a search engine result link. A Landing Page should be a standalone web page, distinct from your main website and designed with a single focused defined objective.

In order to assist with gaining an understanding of the key elements you need to include in a Landing Page, we have put together a list of the following seven crucial elements you need to incorporate into a Landing Page.

Every Landing Page should contain the following elements:

1. Keep the same design & colour scheme to the original advertisement that the reader clicked on

It is important to keep the same look and feel as the original advertisement that directed the reader to the Landing Page, because if the Landing Page were totally different the reader might think they have gone to the wrong place.

2. Always provide the additional information as stated in the original advertisement that the reader clicked on

Ensure you do actually provide your reader with the promised information in the original advertisement. This is because if there is nothing new on the Landing Page your reader is going to wonder why they bothered clicking on the original advertisement, and quickly leave your Landing Page. You definitely do not want this to happen to your Landing Page!  You simply must deliver the promised information, anything less will result in the failure of your Landing Page, and damage your business image.

Having given your reader the promised information, offer, or giveaway don’t leave it there, your reader is warming up to your products/and or services, so you need to keep them wanting to know more!

3. Must contain a good reason for readers to want to find out more by going to your landing page (e.g. free articles, reports, additional information, vouchers, a free consultation, free samples, or entry for a competition)

The majority of people are going be interested in getting something, or learning something, as opposed to being sent a sales pitch. Consider what will attract your readers into responding to your advertisement and clicking through to your Landing Page.  In most cases giving away something of perceived value for free such as an article, information, a report, an informative CD (which also position you and your company as experts in your field), vouchers, a free consultation, free samples, or entry for a competition will generate a good click through result on your Landing Page.

4. The ability to complete a form to capture a prospects details

In return for giving away stuff you should always include a form to obtain your readers contact information. Once you have your readers contact information you can enter it into your mailing database, or CRM system, so that you are able to send them more information about your products/and or services in the future.

5. Include accreditations, logos, security, affiliations etc. in order to build and promote your credibility

By including accreditations, logos, security logos, affiliations etc. into your Landing Page you are generating an image of trust to your readers. This will enhance your credibility, because you are in fact saying “These people trust me, why don’t you?”

6. Include all your business contact details so that your readers can contact you by whatever means they feel is easiest for them, i.e. email, phone, address, etc.

You may indeed have the occasional reader who cannot be bothered filling in your Landing Page Contact Form, but rather wants an instant response and prefers to talk straight away with you. This is great too and for this reason your Landing Page should always contain your email address, a business phone number and your company address. Ensure that you never lose a ‘hot lead’.

7. Consider having a dedicated phone number for readers to contact you on

In order to track the effectiveness of your Landing Page you may wish to consider using a dedicated phone number just for that page. Depending on your particular product/and or service you may wish to think about doing this option.

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