We have all heard the saying “a happy customer tells one person and an unhappy customer tells ten people”, nowadays with the internet the ten people has become anybody and everybody! If we are working hard and delivering the great job which everybody expects nowadays, we don’t really need to worry too much about the unhappy customers. So let’s focus on what can you do to encourage your happy customers to give you more referrals? The simple answer is you will need to incentivise them’.

Your customers, like you, are very busy working hard on their businesses on a daily basis. You will, therefore, need to offer them a reward for taking the time out of their busy schedules to give you a referral. An example of a referral incentive scheme would be offering discount vouchers to your customers for each new customer they refer who places a new order with you. The voucher can be applied to any of your products/services, which your customer may choose to use in the future. These types of incentives really work well with customers, sometimes giving them the option of building up enough vouchers to actually get one of your products/services they would like for themselves for FREE. Wow……. this really is a fantastic win-win scenario!

You will need to take some time to consider a realistic discount voucher scheme that works for you and your customers, taking into account the cost of the products/services you sell, and how much you consider would be enough of an incentive to encourage a customer to give you a referral. For example, we develop websites and if we offered a £25 discount voucher for every £5,000 website sold we would be completely wasting our time, it’s just not realistic it’s far too small a reward. The discount has to be in proportion with the value of the product/service being sold, or your customers will not be incentivised at all.  The best idea here is to come up with a few ideas and discuss them with some friends, family, business colleagues, and even some of your valued customers to get their feedback before launching your scheme.

Once you have identified your referral incentive scheme you need to inform your customers all about it, so what is the best way to go about this?  There are several ways you can do thi,s and here are a few ideas:

  • An email to each of your customers
  • Inform your customers when you speak to them on the telephone
  • In your regular email Newsletter
  • An article on your Blog
  • A notice in the ‘Client Area’ of your website (if you have one)
  • Set up a special signature in Outlook so that each time you email one of your clients they get a reminder message about the scheme in your email
  • If you are a customer facing business get your staff to inform your customers about the scheme when they call into your shop
  • If you launch a scheme in conjunction with Christmas, you could include a flyer inside your Christmas card to your customers
  • Via your Social Media channels….even potential prospects might be impressed you look after your customer base in this way!

There is no better compliment than receiving a new customer referral from one of your current customers, so take our advice and start rewarding the customers who reward you now.

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