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There can be no doubt that professional video has the ability to deliver content across to your prospects in the most powerful way. As video continues to rise year on year businesses today really cannot afford not to incorporate some video into their online marketing strategy. You can read more on this in our articles ’10 Reasons Why you should be doing Video Marketing’, and ‘Why your Business Needs Video Marketing’.

So you are now convinced that you should be doing some video for your business, but are unsure what you should include in it. Here is our guide on how to market your business on YouTube.

Introduce yourself to your Prospects

When your prospects view your video for the first time, they will not necessarily know who you are, or what you do. Accordingly, you should always start your videos by introducing who you are, what your Company does, and what your unique selling point (USP) is.

Prepare a script for your video, and rehearse it

Your video will be far more ‘slick’ and get your message across succinctly if you prepare a good script. Ensure you are informing your prospects about the benefits of your products and/or services, and not just focusing on the features. Your prospects want to know ‘what’s in it for them’, so make sure you tell them. Keep your video length to around 2 minutes, as your prospects are more likely to watch a short concise message than a long protracted sales pitch. Once you have a script you are happy with you should rehearse it over and over again until you have memorised it. Practice it in front of your family, friends and work colleagues to get any feedback, and adjust your script accordingly until you are confident enough to get it filmed.

Mention your other videos during the closing frames of your video

If you have complimentary videos on YouTube, which you think will be interesting, informative, or helpful to your prospects for finding out more about your products and/or services, then quickly mention them at the end of your video.

Uploading your video to YouTube

Uploading your video to YouTube is a really easy process, but do make sure you fill in all the necessary information correctly to ensure success. You must give your video a great title and a comprehensive description. The most important section is the 'Tags', you must ensure you use all the relevant tags so that prospects can find your video in the Search facility. It is wise to spend some time researching which tags to use to achieve the greatest result. When selecting a category for your videos to feature under, it is useful to keep all your videos within the same category.

Do ensure you link your new video to at least 6 more of your other videos. This will make life easier for your prospects to watch your other videos without the need for them to waste time searching for them, a process which can result in losing your prospects attention, and going elsewhere!

Thank your prospects and ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel

Always end your video by thanking your prospect for watching it, and ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel so they can watch more interesting, informative and helpful videos from you.

Keep producing and sharing new video regularly

In order to maintain your prospects and current customer’s attention so they keep coming back, you will need to produce and share new exciting video. Just producing one video, and thinking you have ‘done your bit’ just won’t achieve the results you are perhaps hoping that it will!

Ways to get more views on your YouTube channel

  • Share your videos on all your social media platforms, and ask your followers to share them with their followers. 
  • Share some of your best videos on your website. Don’t forget to put a link from your website to your YouTube channel too.
  • Comment on other people’s videos as this will build more backlinks for your YouTube channel. More backlinks will result in you getting more viewers to your YouTube channel.
  • Use a channel trailer to increase your subscribers. This is a short video which explains who you are, your expertise, your USP, and delivers your sales message to your prospects. Channel trailers play automatically so increase the likelihood of a prospect watching them….great for using on Facebook Ads.

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